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  1. What Do You NOT Like ?

    Exterior and Interior
    We have a fair amount of threads on what we like or find interesting about the exterior and interior of the TJ Cruiser but what are the bits and pieces of the TJ that you don't like? Is there anywhere that you see can be improved? Any areas that you want replaced completely? I for one don't...
  2. Toyota TJ Cruiser vs. Who?

    2018+ Toyota TJ Cruiser Versus the Competition
    This thread will be used to discuss which vehicles the Toyota TJ Cruiser or FT-4X will be going up against, or being compared to. As we know, currently in todays market and even prior to, the Jeep Wrangler has dominated the off-road scene and it still continues, and the Wrangler is even coming...
  3. RAV4 rollout!

    2018+ Toyota TJ Cruiser General Discussion Forum
    As expected the Adventure level looks like the FT-AC. Other trim levels have a different look especially in the grill.
  4. Die Hard Toyota Fan

    New Member Introductions
    Including Lexus since it's under the Toyota umbrella as well. Hello everyone, I've always driven Toyota vehicles aside from my first car which was a Ford. That was a nightmare with plenty of repair bills. After switching to Toyota, I can't imagine driving anything else and the TJ Cruiser would...
  5. LA Auto Show Dec. 1-10

    2018+ Toyota TJ Cruiser General Discussion Forum
    There will be a Toyota Press Conference at the LA Auto Show on Thursday November 30th at 7:55 am. Then a second one at 9 am. Will be interesting to see if we get more news on the TJ Cruiser then. Makes sense that they would show the TJ there since this is a major show. I hope so and may fly...