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Since Toyota may never release something like the TJ Cruiser, I am looking at affordable alternatives. I am not interested in an off roader so a small crossover will work for me.

Here is the Hyundai Venue. It looks like it will have a squared off rear roof so cargo should be decent despite being smaller than the Kona.


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Not a fan of Korean products but i'm willing to give this a shot.

Ford on the other hand has been on my radar. The 2020 Ford Escape if offered with some off-road trim might be what I go for.

Its not yet clear which direction Ford will go, some are saying sporty only

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Hey NY-TJ, how do post full size pictures like that on here?
You have to right click over the uploaded image URL or thumbnail and select the "open image" option.
From there you grab that .jpg link and paste it in this code
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This image from a Bronco event (dealers only) shows a smaller Bronco in the foreground. Could that be the Bronco alternative we're getting?

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The smaller is what actually looks like a real vehicle. Behind it is a shadow of the bigger version.
FYI... I don't think the smaller version will appear as big as it is here.
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