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Everything You Wanted To Know [Video] FT-4X

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Here's a video titled Everything You Wanted to Know by TFL Car where they are asking questions to the spokesperson at the New York International Auto Show about the Toyota FT-4X/TJ Cruiser

Did they really answer majority at least of what you wanted to know about the Toyota FT-4X/TJ Cruiser?

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Love the logic behind the side profile design which carries onto other parts of the 4X but what i'll love even more is if they can deliver on it. It's not going to be easy doing this on a production level.

The CH-R's design was one example of how they can live up to crazy design...

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A lot of people thought that the C-HR in concept stage was going to get a lot more rounded out and they definitely stayed true to it. This concept for the 4X is definitely a lot more "out there" but I do have high hopes that X-design will definitely be translated in a very similar way.
The design may be "out there", but with the flat roofline owners will have more modification possibilities compared to something sloped like the C-HR.
Maybe it's just the Toyota designer who's tall, but why does the FT-4X look so short compared to him?
To an extent, what kind of modification possibilities would you be considering that has any concern with the way the roof is sloped or not? You can still get rails for either, so that's not an issue.

The FT-4X is Kia Soul sized and as we know, it is pretty small lol.
Just found out the exact height and it's 63.9 inches, just .9 more than the Kia Soul. Didn't think it'd be that short.
Large square roof racks are better suited for flat roofs as are roof tents. I'm sure there are ways to mount them on the C-HR, but it wouldn't really look right.
I think the roof would be too darn small to put a roof tent on it. It can't possibly be that long or wide for that matter to be any sort of comfortable or usable.
I'm relatively short so smaller tents aren't really a problem and with how low the ground clearance is, my vertically challenged self won't need to install running boards or side steps.

The Cruiser concept's overall length is 167.3 inches, but they don't show the roof dimensions. If it goes into production, would the dimensions be similar?
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