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Ding, Ding, Ding! :smile_big:

Have you ever seen an old 2 door Rav? My first (vehicle) love! I traded in a Wrangler to get one and it seriously handled on the road like my current Wrangler JK. If they still made them, I'd never have owned another vehicle. They competed with the Suzuki Samarai, Geo Tracker and the Jeep. I've seen a recent Jimny rendering that kinda' sorta' looked like one.

Also, I believe Toyota is the most reliable automaker in the world! That doesn't mean, though, that Jeep doesn't make a good vehicle. They do.
I miss those and looking back at what they were like its weird to see the new Rav4. IMO the best thing Toyota can do to pay homage to it is by launching a 2 door TJ Cruiser. At the same time the outgoing FJ Cruiser can sort of cater to that need, although its a bit up segment.
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