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I am currently a 2008 Honda Element owner. I have been in a small panic since Honda discontinued the Element. I use it mostly for transporting my bicycles and traveling to bicycling events. The most significant bicycle is the Tandem that my wife and I ride. The Element does a great job of carrying all my bicycles outside the elements (so to speak).

The TJC interests me as a possible Element replacement. My biggest concern for this is price and clearance. I know the distance from inside the tail gate to the dash board is 118 inches. I think this will work for the tandem. The next most important fact is the clearance from the top of the folded down seat to the interior roof line.

Additional concerns are available cup holders and other comfort items like leg room and such.:nerd:
Welcome !
I had a Scion xB which I loved and also hope the TJ Cruiser will be built.
I haven't seen the door opening height, but when I saw it LA it looked really tall.
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