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Interesting article and maybe a valuable clue

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This article brings out some interesting clues on what Toyota has in mind.
This paragraph in particular has me hopeful for what I was looking for......

"Toyota has introduced a number of crossover concepts in the past year and Hollis said the FT-AC, FT-4X, and TJ Cruiser concepts were all created to "test the waters in the market and get feedback from consumers." He didn't say which direction the company is leaning but confirmed the upcoming crossover will be offered with all-wheel drive and have a base price that could start at under $20,000."

This would rule out any FJ type model. Maybe I will get my TJ. :grin:

Toyota Will Launch A New Subcompact Crossover In The Next 2-3 Years
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I've heard that Toyota is looking at new entries for the SUV market, so something new that we haven't seen before, or in a while. Meaning we could see a production model of the FT-AC or FT-4X because of how unique they both are.
I heard that as well, as it seems they want to build more purpose based vehicles like what Jeep has going on if you know what I mean, the Renegade and Wrangler are prime examples of that. Meanwhile what Toyota offers right now paint with very broad strokes, not specializing in any certain things but doing a lot of little things good.
Agree, that would be a disaster.
I'm surprised that RAV4 is Toyota's best-seller, I thought Corolla has the number one spot.
People were surprised to find out the RX was Lexus' top seller but not only that but one of the best selling vehicles in the United States. which tells you a lot. Meanwhile most would have thought a sedan from that same brand would perform better.
I think its why they came out with the iM wagon and hopefully its doing well enough for them to continue it along with considering future options. Ultimately for me a Camry Wagon would be hard to pass up on given how nice the new Camry is.
Wagons are more popular in Europe, but with something like the Cruiser it would appeal to those in North America and Abroad. Seems like the better business model to me.
Well now we have crossovers which in a way test waters for wagons. Heck, even the next Lexus LX successor is becoming more of a crossover than the LX we always have known. That should tell you a lot.
At least this time around if the FT-4X concept is any indication of what future Toyota designs will be like then it means we will see some of the "TJ's" design in the next Tacoma. I always thought the Tacoma was too "soft" looking if you guys know what I mean.
Was the LX ever a wagon? Seems like it was always a high rider, which was always part of the definition of a crossover. The higher ride height was always the attraction and the subsequent decline of wagon models.
Never, it was always a full size SUV and just maybe there will always be a market for that sort of thing compared to all other SUV segments that will be more crossover-like than anything else.

However I won't mind a slight taper to the rear like what Range Rover has been doing.
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