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Interesting article and maybe a valuable clue

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This article brings out some interesting clues on what Toyota has in mind.
This paragraph in particular has me hopeful for what I was looking for......

"Toyota has introduced a number of crossover concepts in the past year and Hollis said the FT-AC, FT-4X, and TJ Cruiser concepts were all created to "test the waters in the market and get feedback from consumers." He didn't say which direction the company is leaning but confirmed the upcoming crossover will be offered with all-wheel drive and have a base price that could start at under $20,000."

This would rule out any FJ type model. Maybe I will get my TJ. :grin:

Toyota Will Launch A New Subcompact Crossover In The Next 2-3 Years
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According to RAV4 history, Toyota launches the new generation every six years, so I guess we're about to see the new generation of RAV4 :)

1 gen Production 1994–2000 (RAV4)

2 gen Production May 2000–November 2005

3 gen Production November 2005 – December 2012

4 gen Production December 2012 - ...

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Stopping production of the biggest selling Toyota would be insane and is not going to happen.
Agree, that would be a disaster.
I'm surprised that RAV4 is Toyota's best-seller, I thought Corolla has the number one spot.


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