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Interesting article and maybe a valuable clue

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This article brings out some interesting clues on what Toyota has in mind.
This paragraph in particular has me hopeful for what I was looking for......

"Toyota has introduced a number of crossover concepts in the past year and Hollis said the FT-AC, FT-4X, and TJ Cruiser concepts were all created to "test the waters in the market and get feedback from consumers." He didn't say which direction the company is leaning but confirmed the upcoming crossover will be offered with all-wheel drive and have a base price that could start at under $20,000."

This would rule out any FJ type model. Maybe I will get my TJ. :grin:

Toyota Will Launch A New Subcompact Crossover In The Next 2-3 Years
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Was that new crossover not expected to be an urban driver? A bit of a letdown if that was the case. If it's in the next 2-3 years, we may not even see a production prototype until at least 2019.
The 20,000 price that indicates a small CUV is what I am referencing. This would rule out a RAV4 sized or larger CUV which could never sell that low. Certainly rules out anything close to an FJ.

This is what I am hoping for. 2 to 3 years out would work for me because my current car is relatively new.
I think that Toyota is planning to do something with RAV 4. The Fourth generation of RAV 4 is on the market for almost 5 years already and I think it's time to launch the new generation or shift the production to a smaller CUV class.
Yes, I have heard there are already plans to re-do the RAV4 next year or the year after. I believe the FT-AC is meant to preview that.

They won't go smaller with the RAV4, but will introduce a smaller CUV....represented by the TJ Cruiser. Toyota is the only one who doesn't have that. (The Juke-like C-HR didn't do that.)
The way I see it, the FT-AC is an indication of the "Adventure" level of the next RAV-4. Adventure already exists in the current RAV4 lineup, but Toyota is telling us the next one will be more beefed up and trail ready. There will still be "normal", lower level RAV4's with the same body, but without the added rugged features.

This can't possibly be the $20,000 vehicle. That is reserved for a new subcompact CUV, probably TJ Cruiser. This is a popular niche Toyota cannot continue to ignore. That is why I am excited by this article because that is exactly what I want !

I would be very surprised if the FT-4X goes anywhere beyond a design experiment and test bed for new features. I consider it a wild card for production....possible, but I don't think so. I do like it's dimensions.
I've heard that Toyota is looking at new entries for the SUV market, so something new that we haven't seen before, or in a while. Meaning we could see a production model of the FT-AC or FT-4X because of how unique they both are.
I heard that as well, as it seems they want to build more purpose based vehicles like what Jeep has going on if you know what I mean, the Renegade and Wrangler are prime examples of that. Meanwhile what Toyota offers right now paint with very broad strokes, not specializing in any certain things but doing a lot of little things good.
Did you see this in an article? I would love to read it. Can you post a link?
Does this mean that they going to stop RAV4 production or we gonna see a few parallel SUV models from Toyota?
Stopping production of the biggest selling Toyota would be insane and is not going to happen.
The Rav 4 is still going to be there, that thing has been selling well for so long, Toyota won't end it anytime soon. But there's room in their lineup for something more compact, which is where the concepts could come in.
True....and only one has an actual name....TJ Cruiser. The other 2 are designated "FT" (future Toyota) and could be anything from just design ideas and possible new features, or perhaps what the next RAV4 will look like.

Side note......Shouldn't the banner for this site be changed to show a TJ Cruiser?
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The current trend are for SUVs and Crossovers, so something like the RX taking first place isn't too out there. Now there's a drive towards cars in that segment with more functions and capabilities, like handling a bit of off-road driving or in the case of the TJ, offering new seats and more storage.
So true. Sedans and regular passenger car sales have been dropping. I hope Toyota comes out with many variants of SUV/Crossovers to take advantage of the powerful trend.
I think its why they came out with the iM wagon and hopefully its doing well enough for them to continue it along with considering future options. Ultimately for me a Camry Wagon would be hard to pass up on given how nice the new Camry is.
Wagons aren't a big seller lately. Unless they are lifted and have CUV styling cues. I wouldn't expect a Camry wagon.
Well now we have crossovers which in a way test waters for wagons. Heck, even the next Lexus LX successor is becoming more of a crossover than the LX we always have known. That should tell you a lot.
Was the LX ever a wagon? Seems like it was always a high rider, which was always part of the definition of a crossover. The higher ride height was always the attraction and the subsequent decline of wagon models.
This article does not increase my hope for a production TJ Cruiser. I don't think the TJC can be offered for under $20.000.
When that article was written in 2017 that price did seem possible....not now when when see price increases all over. But it could be sold for around the same price as the C-HR which is similar in size to the TJ Cruiser. ( I saw it myself in LA and it is smaller than the RAV4.)

I do have less hope now that the TJ Cruiser will happen than when this article came out in 2017.....much to my dismay.
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