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Not cool when its the least relevant concept since the FT-4X came out.

Its not branded as a TJ but anyone that knows what the FJ is supposed to be, they'll know this is closer to the real deal, when ever it happens

It is relevant to me, since it fits what I want exactly. I am not offended that it's name harks back to the FJ since I am more interested on what a vehicle does and is and the name is lowest in my consideration. I am not interested in an over $40,000+ FJ type vehicle anyway. And no way would I spend that amount on a vehicle that I would beat up taking it offroad.

I like the FT-4X too , (which was displayed first) but with it's greatest abundance of not- likely- to -ever -see production features, is much more a dream vehicle then something we will ever see. Also most people in the FJ forums hate it.

Actually, I am convinced Toyota will never produce either. So our preferences are moot anyway. Sad.
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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