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Now this is interesting.....Toyota Yaris Cross

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I found this particularly interesting.....
"Toyota says that although it is shorter and narrower than the bigger C-HR crossover, the Yaris Cross actually has more interior space.
It claims a big boot too, although it has yet to release figures."

Would have been even better ( and a worthy successor to my old 2004 Scion xB) if it had a more squared off cargo area, but interesting nonetheless as far as good interior space for it's size.

No word on it coming to the US, but it would be a mistake if it didn't. The market is ripe for this size right now.




lots of pictures here.....

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This one shows the cool versatile cargo area. The straps are really cool.

Here is video with some pics of a real car in white.....

Hope they bring it to the US!
I like it!
I like it too, but I hear it is not bound for the US. :(
The Corolla Cross should make it here. I like that even better because it is a little bigger and the right size for me.
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