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Potential see through pillars?

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We know the TJ cruiser concept was a platform for the design team to go nuts with all the latest gadgets and whatnot. How about a way to see around the A pillar? That pesky thing that can sometime be thick enough to block off your field of vision. Toyota wants to use mirrors to bend visible light around an object, allowing a viewer to see what's on the other side of it and they've already filed a patent for it. APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR MAKING AN OBJECT APPEAR TRANSPARENT

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That's going to be very expensive and I doubt people will be willing to shell out that money unless it's for a sportscar. From the looks of that TJ Cruiser mule, the A pillars aren't actually that large and I've driven so many years without see through pillars.
They should do this more with higher end Toyotas and Lexus models where design takes more importance. Models like the Avalon and Lexus LS should get it. Here its too high tech and too much to offer because well... they will offer it as a luxury.
It should looks something like this and it'll use mirrors and polarizing lenses. The actual technology is beyond me.
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This would be a great feature to do away with the A and B pillar blind spots, but we probably won't see this on Toyota's more affordable models. Maybe something like the 4Runner is a more likely candidate than the TJ cruiser.
On the flip side, if safety is one thing they really want to peddle hard across their line up then just maybe this will make it. After all... the best thing to do in designing a product like this is to make the consumer be one with it. Pillars can get in the way.
Toyota safety ratings are on average, pretty high so there's really no need for them to increase it with see through pillars, but I can see it being used in sportier models like coupes.
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