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Production-Spec TJ Cruiser Could Arrive Early 2020

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A production-spec TJ Cruiser will be unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October, according to rumors originating from a Japanese publication that spoke to someone with close ties to Toyota's dealer network. Here's what else to expect so far:

Production-Spec 2020 Toyota TJ Expectations
  • pre-orders begin December 2019
  • production in early 2020
  • based on the TNGA platform
  • 2.0-liter, 1.8-liter hybrid and/or a 2.5-liter hybrid engine options
  • FWD and AWD drivetrain options
  • shorter length but taller than the CH-R
  • two rear sliding doors
  • versatile interior
  • and many more
Availability outside of Japan should happen, demand for vehicles like the TJ is growing.
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I saw that too. I hope it's true.
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I read one article where it said production will be limited to 1500 in Japan and therefore not enough to export anywhere.
That is discouraging, but on the other hand, the fact that it will be produced in any numbers at least brings it into existence.

I wouldn't be surprised if when it does make it here, it will be promoted as a commercial van with options to make it useable for people in Ford and other companies do.
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Someone's guess on what the production model will look like. It will be interesting to see how close their guess was.
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A video on the upcoming TJ Cruiser. Nothing really new here, just good to hear it discussed and get attention.

Can't wait until October to see what the production version will look like!
Once again, the rumors and the teasers from Toyota and the press are totally wrong. Toyota has no intention of releasing anything smaller than the RAV4. (The C-HR doesn't count).

They should have had something in this segment in 2015 and I don't expect them to now this late in the game.

I am currently looking at the Kia Seltos. I saw it in LA and it is perfect for me. Shorter than the RAV4 with the same cargo capacity. It is what Toyota should have done.
Another TJ Cruiser rumor, this one pointing to a May 2020 debut:

Toyota TJ Cruiser Production Version To Debut In May: Report
Don’t expect to see it in the U.S.
A production version of the Toyota TJ Cruiser, the boxy half van, half SUV concept previewed back in 2017, is heading for a May debut, according to Japan’s Best Car. A report that Toyota had okayed the TJ for production surfaced last summer. At the time, that report also said the boxy crossover(?) would debut in October, but Halloween came and went without a word from the Japanese automaker.
The production version that’ll debut in a few months will retain the concept’s basic exterior design. However, its packaging and contents will be drastically different from what the concept offered. How different remains a mystery, but the concept did have a ton of neat features like the fold-down seats, scratch-resistant paint, and large sliding rear doors. Then there were things like the elliptical steering wheel that’s unlikely to see production.
According to the publication, Toyota will retain the concept’s usability with the folding seats, expansive cargo area, and sliding doors. There’s no mention of the scratch-resistant paint. Toyota will also allegedly offer the concept in two- and three-row configurations, though don’t expect to stretch out in the third row.
Three powertrain choices – a 1.8-liter or 2.5-liter hybrid, or a 2.0-liter gas engine – will pair with a continuously variable transmission. Front or all-wheel drive will be available with Toyota borrowing the AWD system from the RAV4, which the TJ Cruiser will slot below in Toyota’s lineup.
Sadly, none of the reports of the TJ Cruiser say it’ll come to the U.S. For now it sounds like Toyota will keep the boxy runabout in Japan. When the TJ Cruiser debuted over two years ago, the concept-like exterior hid a production-ready-looking interior. If the TJ Cruiser debuts in May, we hope it keeps its funky, boxy attitude. The industry has changed a lot since 2017, and while boxy automobiles aren’t in style anymore, maybe Toyota can bring them back.
Source: Best Car (Japan)
I saw that too. I am still pretty skeptical we will ever see one, anywhere. By now you would have seen spy shots of it being tested for a car supposedly being introduced this May. But there is no proof of anything , anywhere, of it's mechanical existence. Just computer generated videos of it tooling down the road.
Keep in mind, the car we have seen at many shows, like I did in LA , may not even be drivable.

Just got to drive the Kia Seltos and it is awesome. It is what Toyota should have done years ago.
As expected, the release of the TJ Cruiser has been debunked.....
[Sorry for everyone !!] No expected new SUV "Tj Cruiser" will be released !!!!
February 22, 2020 / News
Best Car Web Editing Department

Best Car Web Editing Department

First of all, before this article, I would like to apologize to the readers and the people involved in Toyota. On this site, we have sent an article to the effect that "Tj cruiser is coming soon!", But I'm sorry. There are no plans to release it as of February.
We are sorry to all of you who expected to be released by the article on this site. As an excuse, the editorial department's expectation for release was too large, and there was a lack of scrutiny of the information that came in.
・ Completeness at the time of the Tokyo Motor Show exhibition was high
・ Reputation from visitors was very good and there were many inquiries to dealers
・ At the end of 2017, information that `` there is a possibility of commercialization in a few years '' At the
same time, there was information that "Toyota is developing a new SUV" (it is presumed that it was RAV4 and Rise in consideration of now)
Combined, they misunderstood that development for commercialization of Tj cruisers is underway.
After reviewing the information again and proceeding with interviews with Toyota personnel, it was found that there is no Tj cruiser to be marketed at this time.
Below, we asked the distribution journalist Toru Endo to investigate the flow of information from Tj Cruiser (from the motor show exhibition to the present) and the opinions of Toyota dealers.
Sentence / Toru Endo
Photography / Editorial Department, TOYOTA

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