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Yeah, Calty did Scion xB gen 2 (slow seller), but not gen 1 (Japan). Calty also did the Toyota Venza (slow seller). The C-HR (slow seller) was designed in Japan. To Calty's credit, they did the gen 1 Matrix (Craig Kember) which was a hit. Calty also does a lot of Lexus design.

The hot selling current gen 4 RAV4 design? Wikipedia lists "Masaki Okue, Akira Kubota and Takuya Watabe (2010)" as designers, so Japan probably.

The FT-AC a.k.a 2019 RAV4? Japan likely kept that assignment.

I think Calty's FT-4X will get the green light as the North American CUV. Jack Hollis, Toyota U.S. sales chief: "FT-4X is in that similar boat where it's like, “Wow, it's so good. Maybe that concept is the hit itself.”
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