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This looks really promising to me......Corolla Cross

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Being tested in Brazil, so it really exists, we may see this in the US instead of the Yaris Cross ( which has been so far ruled out for the US).
Maybe this one will make it to the US. It appears to be Kia Seltos sized which would be perfect for me. Considered to be slotted between the CHR and the RAV4, I think it would do well here. I am very excited at the possiblity!


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Excellent article about the Corolla Cross. The only thing I doubt is that it will be much longer than the CHR and may actually stay the same length. It needs to stay in it's competitors size range (Seltos, 173" long). It will look so different from the CHR because it will have a more useful, utility, shape, so it won't need a different length to distinguish it. Very excited about this vehicle because it sounds like exactly what I was looking for from Toyota!

This article seems to think it will be derived from the TJ Cruiser, but I doubt it. It would be cool though.
Spy photos are starting to give shape to the Corolla Cross ! Looks like it will be a lot like a smaller RAV4.
How the Corolla Cross may look. The rear quarter shot is the most accurate because spy shots have shown it mostly uncovered in this area.


The front is more of a mystery with little revealed in spy shots, so here is simply a good guess.


The front guess is probably inspired by the Etios Cross with the upside down "U" shape grill.

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A new spy shot ! You can see behind the yellow film a cleaner , more rounded grill. Much simpler and better than the previous renderings that guessed at a much busier front end.
I really like it !
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Another shot......That may be the interesting DRL's near the top of the hood? Time for somebody to do some new "renderings". :)
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A very good rendering from spy shots of the front..... Should be revealed on July 9th in Asia !

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