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Too late to the party

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Hey everyone,

I've been wishing and praying that I'd hear something about this concept, but the more time that goes by, the more dim my outlook becomes. I remember reading a article from the New York Auto show that indicated the FT-4X was 75% production ready...if that's the case then why hasn't Toyota pulled the trigger?
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keep in mind Toyota is very good at keeping things secret. it is hard to guess exactly what they are up to. also does Toyota really need a ft-4x and a rav4?
The CEO said they want to make Toyota exciting again and this is a big part of it. Currently they have products that are exciting enough but going into the 2020's these changes continue to give them the competitive edge.
I am beginning to doubt Toyota will ever produce such vehicles. There seems to be a huge commitment to giving existing models a toughened TRD Pro treatment. I think Toyota will put all it's eggs in that basket.

I think it is more likely that a new FJ will be introduced. I once thought that would never happen.
As much as I want to disagree, I agree with you because Toyota has a history of sitting on models that already do well or models that don't seem to cost them much to bring to market. I can see why when they are so profitable. Fortunately products like the new supra show some move towards unique models.
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