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Toyota FT-4X/TJ Cruiser Interior Video

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Here's a video of the Toyota FT-4X/TJ Cruiser showcasing the interior and the removable/portable bits and pieces like the dome light, sleeping bag armrest, hidden cargo room, etc.

I know for one, I would have way too much fun showing this off to my friends by pulling everything off and putting them back haha :cool:

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I actually kind of like the whole driving mode selector on the steering wheel. Other manufacturers have done it, albeit on a much higher end of the spectrum, but it is something new and interesting to have going on.

The interior is extremely concept esque though and I can anticipate even the whole gauge cluster are will be very different on the production model.
I will actually be surprised if they can deliver on a shifter like that. Don't have confirmation of what transmission will make it and what versions of those transmissions. If we get something new, there's some possibility of it happening. Just don't depend on it. Most owners won't care.
As long as it mean we get hill start and hill descent assist control then I would be in favor of it, if the TJ is to be any true successor, features like that should be in one of the median trims for starters.
The FJ40 Land Cruiser had the rugged simplicity of a Jeep and reliability of a Toyota. Actually amazed they were still producing those in Brazil until around the year 2000. Compared to that, the newer FJ Cruiser was a sort of watered down version of it to appeal to more buyers and the Tj will probably be even more watered down from there in terms of performance capabilities.

Kind of sad, but most likely true.
If they brought over the 70 Series and did some modern things to it i bet that would have been better recieved by the overall North American market. It's no FJ but its a Land Cruiser and one that a lot of people want.

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The J70 was nice, though we won't see it in NA or Europe because the latest engines are not emissions-certified in Europe. That's a shame because I do like the latest iteration of it, though the interior is very spartan.
Yeah its too bad but maybe there's some hope that Lexus or Toyota can do something about bringing it to market to rival the Mercedes G-Class. Its already a great platform and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.
Lexus is more on par with Mercedes and I can't see Toyota's luxury branch developing off-road friendly vehicles. If Toyota does try to bring the J70 over and compete with the G-Class, it's going to need a beastly engine.
Lexus already has that figured out. For future F-Models they are developing a 4.0L Twin Turbo Engine. Then there's the whole fact they might include hybrid tech in proportion to what we seen in the LC500H.
But that doesn't mean they'll put it in an off-road friendly vehicle instead of an SUV. But maybe toyota can borrow the engine?
It depends on what their strategy is for using the engine and that's not something anyone knows right now, its all speculation but we know for a fact that engine will be sold in some flagship models. If not this then a supercharged version of what they have now might be the answer.
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