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Today, a leaked internal presentation slide, posted by a member of, detailed Toyota's future product timeline, including a new 4Runner, new Tundra, new Sienna (hybrid only), new 86, new Sequoia, and two new crossovers. If Toyota doesn't experience any production disruptions, then its very possible we'll see the all-new TJ Cruiser as soon as Fall 2020!

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Did a lot of online searching and not one article thinks it will be the TJ Cruiser.
Autoblog says "The crossover will be a five-seat midsizer that brings back the Venza name, this model already rumored here and abroad. It, too, will only get hybrid powertrains."
The TJ Cruiser is definitely not midsized, being smaller than a RAV4.

The TJ Cruiser is what I really want , but I am not holding my breath.
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