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Toyota TJ Cruiser Pricing

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Odds are if you know which segment the TJ Cruiser (FT-4X) sits in, the Toyota models above and below it and what it competes with, then you'll know pricing.

Toyota said it themselves, the TJ will underpin the CH-R, meaning a sub-$22k product.

Drilling down even further, products like the Juke ($20K) and Kia Soul ($17k) are said to be direct competitors.

From that short analysis, my guesstimate puts this as a $19-20k product.

What does everyone else think?
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Making it sit around the new Wranglers price would put it more geared towards competing with the Wrangler opposed to the Soul and Renegade. There seems to be a toss up between what this TJ Cruiser will be competing with. Baby FJ would position it lower down opposed to Wrangler rival.
Renegade in Trailhawk form would be best to go against it I guess.

Really gotta see how capable it is when they bring it in production spec. Without knowing much about what suspension they're running, axles and diffs, etc. we can't really make too much of a judgement on it
Off-road capabilities can mean many things..

Could mean that it's good enough to literally go off-road and hit a trail. You can take an Accord on a trail essentially. But it is a word that everyone loves to hear and especially in this segment. Of course I'm sure it'll be more competent than an Accord but you get the point.
Once it can perform like the Trailhawk, I'd be extremely content as that's essentially more than I'll ever need to put it through, but it's good to know it can get er' done if needed as on the odd occasion, I do feel "adventurous"
Skid plates are definitely something I will opt for and if they don't have options for it, there's a guy in California that I know makes them for various vehicles so I'll definitely be giving him a ring to get them done.
Those FJ TRD wheels are really nice though. As far as bolt pattern goes, I don't think Toyota has changed their bolt patterns for quite some time. Lugs should be the same size as well. It's just offset and width that'll really be the determining factor I think.
It'll be cheaper because it's not an FJ and not as big as an FJ. Not competing in the FJ segment, it'll be maybe in the $22-$24k?
The differential would hang lower than the axles will, so hopefully they can bring everything up high enough to give us much room as possible. Then we'll have to look at the lower control arms or rear subframe to see what it'll be like on the two ends
The C-HR has about 6 inches of ground clearance, which honestly is really not that bad. Even if they bump it to 7 inches to try and play with the whole adventuring sort of theme, I'll be alright with that.
8 inches would probably be my ideal that I would be fully content with. Anything more is a plus, slightly less would be a little disappointing but won't deter me ultimately as we all know, we can install some sort of lift kit whether it's just springs or a complete lift kit system setup.
I can imagine the TRD edition (if it comes out) will get a different suspension setup. With that, it'll be some changes to the ride height. Being something meant for "adventure" I'd assume they'll be going UP instead of DOWN ;)
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