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Toyota TJ Cruiser Pricing

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Odds are if you know which segment the TJ Cruiser (FT-4X) sits in, the Toyota models above and below it and what it competes with, then you'll know pricing.

Toyota said it themselves, the TJ will underpin the CH-R, meaning a sub-$22k product.

Drilling down even further, products like the Juke ($20K) and Kia Soul ($17k) are said to be direct competitors.

From that short analysis, my guesstimate puts this as a $19-20k product.

What does everyone else think?
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Will wait and see if they will offer it in a TRD and if that changes the ground clearance at all.

Currently running 14" of ground clearance to the front skid and 11" to the bottom of the rear diff, so will I have to lift the TJ---- you betcha!!! However if I were to use it as it is intended 7" of clearance would get you pretty deep into the back country.

Now for what I would be willing to pay for one, well that's multi dimensional. Giving that a base price in the range of 22K is about a third of what I have in the FJ then I could see myself having a whole lot of fun with a TJ dependent upon it's capabilities of course. If that base price creeps up to the 25K range and putting a TRD variant closer to 28-30K then the capability per dollar isn't as much fun, and some serious upgrades will have to come with it.
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Depends on what the TRD package includes, you may be paying for things that you will be changing out anyway.

Both tacomas that I have owned, one being a TRD and one not. There was no real distinction between the two beyond suspension and the rear locker as far a performance goes. So for a guy like me that is going to change out stock suspension components with ones that are more suited for the task the TRD doesn't make too much sense, I would be paying 4-5K for a stock power outlet and some larger flares. This to me would be cost prohibitive when that money would more than pay for the upgrades I would be putting on anyway. But if Toyota does business like they have in the past then some of the TRD upgrades that I would be keeping only come on the TRD model and can't be added to other sub models.

It's a costly addiction either way you look at it though.

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The way I see it, the TRD version should just be good enough to rival what Jeep is offering with the Renegade. Once they're able to top that or offer something just as competitive, TRD trims will stand out. Much like all the other TRD models, this will be yet another first for them.

You hit the nail right on the head, the TRD packages have been traditionally superior to the competing trim levels on other brands.
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If it wasn't for the recent Tacoma TRD I wouldn't be saying that, its one product that Toyota has really proved themselves on. What's funny is the only complaints are with the minutia, drum brakes being one of them!
I hear you, but to be honest the drum brake complaint is pretty valid with today's mechanical braking components. Makes the E-brake a bit of a pickle to set up and not as positive on steeper grades but the sacrifice is worth it in my opinion.

If they can put the rugged durability of the Tacoma into the TJ's platform they will surely have a winner.
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