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Use Your Own Navi!

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As mentioned before, and easily seen within the Toyota TJ Cruiser, there is no large navigation screen dead center in the dash that you can touch to input addresses or just see where you are for that matter.

Instead, above the small gauge cluster screen in the dash, there is a spot to slide your cell phone into and you can utilize that.

For one, it will limit people actually holding their phones and using them because they're quite out of reach. So that's a plus.

But secondly, everyone loves their own maps on their Android or Apple and we've grown accustomed to using it, so why not continue?

Do you think this is a good idea or would you rather a separate navi ?

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I think this is a great idea. Let's face it, cars have optional navigation systems that you can use but most would prefer Google maps or whatever Apple comes with. Those maps are usually updated more often and has real time traffic information, also I'm more used to how it works. If it sames me some money and allows me to use Google maps, I'm all for it.
Agree, I have had Nav in almost all of my cars and have never used them. I'd always rather have my phone on a vent mount or something and utilize Google maps. Just much more familiar, user friendly, reacts a lot quicker, and I just find it overall a lot more intuitive.
But it's going to be hard for Toyota to size the holder so it fits all phones without looking odd. Phones are getting bigger and bigger these days, and the notes are pretty large and then there are smaller iphones or older models.
Easiest way is to develop some adjustable mount that's sturdy enough to last years of use and different sizes of phones. But even with that you will always find people who want phones mounted differently. Windshield mounted being one of them.
Windshield mounted, vent mounted, some people are even using steering wheel mounted which I think would really throw me off. But an adjustable mount where they have it located in the photos wouldn't be difficult at all. Until phones just all become the size of iPads.

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I don't understand the steering wheel mount, but windshield and vents do make more sense to me. Would be even cooler is they can somehow project the map onto the windshield using a HUD system. I think it's becoming more common these days.
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