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Waiting to release as an EV

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So it looks like Toyota may be doubling down on electric production, as it looks like their newest crossover (C-HR) will become an electric exclusively in China. Do you think that maybe they are considering releasing the TJ as a fully electric CUV, as opposed to an off roader? It looks like the latest TRD variants across their lineup will be more than capable of fulfilling that need. I think the urban platform would be really well suited to an electric powertrain, should it deliver a decent amount of range.
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We're not likely getting the TJ at this point, so the better question would be if we're getting an all-electric Rav4 Adventure form Toyota. As far as I know, that's a possibility but there has been no official announcement so I wouldn't hold my breath.
There was an electric RAV4 in the past but it died for poor sales.
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