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We already have a picture video and article of the FT-AC!

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I think you are right. It is a good successor to the FJ. I love it's looks!

It wouldn't be what I want because it is too big. The TJ would be a better fit for me. I am pretty certain that the TJ will be produced in Japan for that market. Whether it makes it here is an open question.

The automotive writers seem to think this is a foretelling of the next RAV4 in styling. It may come as an Adventure option like this one-off.

I notice there are no door handles or interior shots, which to me says it is just an exercise. Maybe the show will reveal more?
I just watched the video presentation of FT-AC and it seems like a lot of its features will be controlled by your smartphone. Speaking of door handles, I think they used "one-touch" technology for FT-AC doors, so now when you come close to the door with a key fob inside your pocket you just need to touch it to open. I think they will represent a lot more modern and sophisticated details soon, so stay tuned.
I was expecting to see something closer to the previous FJ Cruiser, but still, this FT-AC looks pretty. The only thing that I still don't understand is why they have these weird bulging wheel wells? What's the point of them look?
According to Toyota representatives, floating over fender is a design feature, it gives FT-AC viewable from the side 3D effect and just helps to accentuate the wider stance and long wheelbase.
4Runner is a great vehicle and I'd love to have it my garage, but as you said: "it's out of my reach" :( Did you take a look on what other carmakers offer for that amount of money?
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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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